Cindy Conroy
Cindy Conroy

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Everyone can have great style – not just models and celebs! As seen on TV, Cindy Conroy is a Toronto-based personal stylist creating sleek and polished outfits for clients of all ages, sizes, careers and backgrounds. In addition to her 1:1 business, she brings her unique point of view to commercial work as a fashion stylist. Cindy believes in the impact of colour, silhouette and fit and the story they tell when brought together!

My ultimate goal as a stylist is to help you feel prepared and confidently dressed for any occasion. I want to help you shine, because I believe you deserve that. That’s why my clients run the full spectrum (age 14 to 75 and size XS to 3X) because I want to gift great style to everyone!

I’m proud and grateful to work with a diverse roster that includes: C-Suite Executives, Teachers, Stay at Home Moms, Hip Hop Artists, Architects, Kids, Academics, Lawyers, Trades People, Entrepreneurs, Dating Experts, Bankers, Doctors, Event Planners and Members of the Entertainment Industry.

Cindy and I had an absolute blast last Saturday. Very helpful to update the wardrobe with attire for the new frame. She’s a pro and knows her stuff very well. Which made everything ridiculously easy!
— Ryan G.

Hiring Cindy was like shopping with your best friend, career coach and therapist who tells you like it is - and helps you bring out your inner beauty, strength and confidence through her impeccable fashion sense.
— Victoria W.